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Content Templates for Writers: Website Copy

The ultimate resource for copywriters and content creators who want to make writing websites fast, fun, and profitable.


Image of a workbook with its pages fanning out. The cover says, 'Content Templates: A Copywriter's Guide to Compelling Website Copy'

Are you ready to…

  • Start each new website project with a plan, knowing you'll never run out of ideas?
  • Save time on projects (which means you can take on more of them!) by using a repeatable system?
  • Know each page you write is maximized for strategy, allowing you to charge higher rates and have happier clients?


There’s a lot compelling website copy needs to accomplish.

You’ve got to keep copywriting best practices in mind. Not to mention your client’s specific goals.

As well as their unique voice.

And who their audience is and what they care about.

Also, don’t forget to keep it punchy, compelling, and clear.

It’s a lot to juggle. And that’s not even mentioning structure, word choice, tone, style, and grammar.

We’ve all hammered away at the keyboard thinking there’s got to be an easier way. 🤔

And the truth is, the more time you spend agonizing over each individual project, the harder it is to build your business as a writer.

If you’re going to charge top rates, work with clients you love, reduce retention, and maintain that elusive work-life balance… you need a system.

In an ideal world, you would approach each and every website copy project with: 

💙  Clarity at every stage of the process. Start, middle, and end. 

🗺️  A framework for each page of content that pinpoints the goals, stories, and calls-to-action essential for success.

😀  A simple strategy that works for each and every website project, regardless of industry. That means a massive time savings on your part.

👉   A clear path forward that makes your writer's block go POOF!

We're talking about a simple, repeatable process that allows you to complete your website copy projects in a fraction of the time without sacrificing quality.


Enter the Website Copy Templates for Copywriters

We know you know your stuff. You’re a writer, through and through. But building a business around your writing requires frameworks, strategies, and tools. That’s why we’ve developed Website Copy Templates for Copywriters.

In this bundle, you’ll receive the ultimate resource guide for writing compelling website copy every single time. Rooted in best copywriting practices, our goal is to make sure you have everything you need to work more efficiently, without sacrificing quality.

Here’s what’s included:

Detailed Templates for Every Page

Dive right in with in-depth guides for all of the most common website pages, including: Home, About, Services, Media, Contact, Blog, Podcast, Shop, and more.

Samples of Successful Projects

For each page, we’re including samples of what a finished, polished product looks like. You’ll see samples representing a wide variety of industries and voices.

Bonus Lessons

Learn how to capture Brand Voice, write powerful testimonials, incorporate stronger SEO, or make recommendations around visual branding with our bonus lessons.

All for just $47

We created these website templates for ourselves and our staff because they work. And, most importantly, they help us writers conserve our creative energy for where it really matters!


Set yourself up for copywriting success.

Hi, we’re Jessi + Marie! 👋

After more than a decade in the content creation business, we’ve learned  how critical SYSTEMS are to success.

Yes, writing is subjective, intuitive, and creative. But you can also leverage systems to make life easier {and your business more sustainable}.

Website copy has long been our bread and butter. It’s where we first established ourselves as a business.

And after grinding out project after project, written from scratch, we were exhausted.

So we formalized our system of copywriting. 

We created a series of templates that cover every part of website copy… and account for the nuances of different clients, industries, and voices. 

Our Website Copy Templates have become our go-to resource internally. As our team has grown, each of our writers uses the templates when writing website copy.

And now we’re sharing them with you!

When you grab your set of templates, you’ll never again have to stare at a blank page wondering where to start. 


If you’re a copywriter, and you’re ready to stop reinventing the wheel every time you sit down at your computer to write web copy for your clients, then look no further. 

Think of these templates as your secret weapon to achieve consistent, strategic copy for your clients with a whole lot more ease.


4 Modules

How to Use Your Templates

A quick video guide showing you how to use your shiny new templates for your website.

Samples of Website Copy

Explore website copy from a variety of businesses and industry, so you can see the templates in action!

Bonus Content

From testimonial tips to editing checklists and SEO help, this bonus module will help you put everything together.

Modules for this product 4
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