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Are you ready to transform your content game?

Let's be honest: Content is overwhelming. It's also everywhere.

And, as a business owner, you don't have time to waste. You need strategic, personality-driven content that supports your business, and you need it yesterday.

That's where North Star's constellation of resources come in.  They're designed to help you capture your unique voice, create irresistible copy, and outsource your content -- so you can save time and energy without ever sacrificing visibility or authenticity.

Available Products

Template Bundle: Website Copy

Templates for your Home Page, About Page, Services Page, and more, all in one place!

Move over, website shame. It's time to write powerful, personality-driven website copy that shares your message, connects with your audience, and sells your offers. These easy-to-use content templates will help you write a website you're proud to share.

Template Bundle: Launch Copy

All the templates you need to launch with confidence.

Launch your next offer without worrying about what to say. Our plug-and-play launch templates give you the tools you need to create compelling content for your sales page, launch emails, social media posts, and more.

Word Bank Workbook

Capture your authentic voice for consistent, personality-driven content. This starter-guide will help you document the unique words, phrases, and attitudes that show up across your content, so you can connect and convert.

North Star Freebie Hub

Gather testimonials, generate new content ideas, identify your content personality, and more with our free copywriting and content marketing resources.

#Change the Stars

Your business is about more than making money. It's about making a difference. The Change the Stars mini-course is your key to getting more visible, growing your business, and changing the world.

Content Strategy Intensive

Creating an effective content plan can get overwhelming fast. Sometimes, you need to consult the pros to make sure you have a solid content strategy that nails it.

Brand Voice Intensive

Capture and document your unique Brand Voice, so you can step out of content creation without worrying about losing authenticity. Our expert team will curate a customized Style Guide for your business, designed to help your team sound more like you.

STAR Treatment: Content Audit

Receive a professional review of your content, from trained copywriters. Get direct feedback on your content, showing you how to increase conversions, hit your strategic goals, and repurpose with confidence.

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