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Media + Press Kit Template

Put your best foot forward when seeking publicity.

Looking for guest spots on podcasts, media features, and other publicity opportunities can feel daunting. Ease the burden by creating a landing page that highlights exactly why you're the expert they can count on. A well-constructed Media + Press Kit helps you to stand out from the competition while giving your audience an easy way to find where you've been featured.

With a focused Media + Press Kit, you can:

  • Land publicity more easily.
  • Highlight the specific areas of expertise you're focusing on.
  • Showcase where you've been featured so people can easily find you.

With your new Media + Press Kit Template, you can show up as your best self to media outlets. Within this product, you'll receive:

  • A detailed checklist to help you make sure you've hit all the major talking points on your Media + Press Kit.
  • Fill-in-the-blank templates that guide you through writing your page, step by step (but still leave you plenty of flexibility to get creative!).
  • Samples of completed pages so you can see the templates in action.

Ready to land more media? Get started with your Media + Press Kit Template.

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