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BUNDLE: Launch Copy Templates

Fill-in-the-blank templates for your next launch.


If the word "launch" makes you want to hide under the covers, we feel you.

More often than not, launches wear people down. They're big, they're hairy, and they involve SO many moving parts.

One of the biggest culprits? Content. There's just SO much of it. You have your sales page, your email sequence, your swipe copy, your social media posts... it goes on and on.

If your head is spinning, you're not alone.

And yes, you could hire an expert copywriter to take care of it for you {and if you can, great!}. But that's also not always in the cards {or budget}. Sometimes the burden of content creation falls squarely on your shoulders.

Which means you, friend, need a plan.

What if your content wasn't a struggle to write?

What if, instead of drowning in all the content you know you SHOULD write, you could...

  • Create ALL of your launch content without stressing about what to say or how to say it?
  • Focus on showing up as the expert, instead of worrying about whether you have the right copy on your sales page.
  • Ditch the overwhelm and approach your content with a clear plan.
  • Have easy-to-follow, expert instructions on all of your launch copy so you can put it out to the world with confidence.

Maybe outsourcing your content isn't feasible, but that doesn't mean you need to worry about reinventing the wheel. There are TONS of successful launches out there, and they all follow the same basic copywriting principles.

How much easier would it be if you had them at your fingertips?

All of a sudden, your upcoming launch may not feel quite so overwhelming.

In fact, you could even, dare we say it... have fun?

Even if you're not a natural wordsmith, you can write your launch copy without stressing.

That's where North Star's Launch Copy Templates come in.

Since 2010, we've helped hundreds of business owners create strategic, personality-driven content, and we've supported multiple 6- and 7-figure launches. Now we want to make it easy for you to create your own content, using our formulas and strategies. 

When you buy the Launch Copy Templates, you'll get instant access to:

  • Our tried-and-true content strategy, with checklists and guidelines for each piece of copy.
  • Sales Page Templates , so you can write a long- or short-form sales page that makes your offer shine {without the stress of figuring out what to write}.
  • Landing Page Templates, so you’re ready for everything from a free training to a low-cost downsell.
  • Email Sales Sequence Templates, so you can generate excitement among your existing list.
  • Social Media Launch Post Templates that allow you to build hype on your platform of choice.
  • Press Release Templates, making it easier for the media to pick up your story.
  • Real-World Examples of successful sales copy so you can see the templates in action.

Don't go into your next launch feeling lost, overwhelmed, or stressed about content. We've got you covered with all the tools you need to write sales copy that converts.

Make your next launch simple, with the exact copywriting structure we use with our high-end clients.

4 Modules

How to Use Your Templates

A quick overview of your launch templates and how to use them to create compelling sales copy for your business.

Launch Copy Templates

Access detailed content templates for your next launch, covering everything from sales pages to social media posts to press releases.

Bonus Content

Bonus content, including copywriting + editing tips, testimonial tips, and SEO + visual branding assistance.

Modules for this product 4
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