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Lead Nurture Email Sequence Template

Did you know that your email list is one of your most valuable marketing assets?

Not only do you own your list (which means no one can take it from you), but it gives you a direct line to your customer. No fighting algorithms, and no wondering whether your favorite platform is going to suddenly disappear.

Even with crowded inboxes, most industries continue to rely heavy on email marketing... because it works. The trick is to make sure your emails actually get opened. Far too many business owners wind up never emailing their list or emailing so sporadically that their subscribers forget who they are.

An effective email strategy starts on day one. Otherwise, your potential future client may send your emails right to the trash.

When you start strong, with a lead nurture email sequence that introduces new subscribers to your brand, you can:

  • Continue the connection your audience built when they opted in.
  • Get your new subscriber accustomed to opening emails from you.
  • Deepen the relationship you have with your subscriber so they’re more likely to buy from you.
  • Build brand loyalty by staying top of mind (and top of inbox).
  • Make sure your audience feels welcomed, understood, and like they’re in the right place.

With your new Lead Nurture Email Template, you can create a strategic series of emails that new subscribers receive when they join your list, allowing them to get to know and trust you as an email sender. Within this product, you'll receive:

  • An example of the typical cadence a new subscriber email sequence follows.
  • A checklist to help you make sure you've hit all the major talking points on your email sequence.
  • Detailed questionnaire that guides you through each individual email and what you can include.
  • Fill-in-the-blank templates that guide you through the actual drafting of each email.

Ready to build your sequence? Grab your template today.

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