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Brand Voice Intensive

Capture your voice. Outsource your content.

Your voice is unique, but that doesn't mean it's not outsource-able.

Get a curated Brand Voice Guide that'll allow anyone who creates content to replicate your authentic voice and communication style.

No more endless revisions. No more churning through writers.

Just personality-driven content that converts.


Outsourcing content is easier said than done, right?

Hiring a writer to help with copywriting and content creation sounds nice, in theory.

But what happens when you bring someone onto your team and the content they create sounds nothing like you?

Here’s what happens, more often than not {hands up if this sounds familiar!}:

1. You find you’re spending WAY too much time creating content for your business.

So you decide to hire a new team member to help out. You do your research, bring someone on board, and give yourself a virtual high five. Finally, you can get back to business!

2. Your new writer whips up their first project, sends it for feedback, annnnd… something BIG is missing.

Maybe the copy hits all the strategic marks, but the spark has vanished. The words they use aren’t words you would use. The sentences fall flat. The stories are off. The content itself isn’t bad, but the bit of authenticity that makes you sound like you is missing.

3. Frustrated, you dive into revisions and wind up rewriting most of what the writer sent you.

Because you know that if your audience can’t relate to your voice and personality, they’re not going to stick around. No matter how good the rest of the content is. You send your feedback to your writer and hope they get it right on the next project. 

4. You realize you’re doing just as much work as before, if not more.

Every time your team member submits content, you have so many revisions. You’re beginning to wonder if anyone can sound like you! After a few frustrating back-and-forths, you give up and part ways with your writer. You take back the content creation for yourself, because “it’s easier”.

5. You get burned out by content creation again, and the cycle starts over.

And over. And over. 

Rinse. Repeat. Scream into your pillow

If you’ve had a lackluster experience with writers, we’re willing to bet it’s not because they didn’t understand how to write well. 

What’s more likely?

They struggled to sound like you.

What if, instead, your writer could replicate your voice from the first assignment?

What if you could eliminate the guesswork around your brand’s voice and personality? What if you could provide your team with the resources they need to nail your voice?

You could finally…

  • Sound consistent across content. Anyone who works on your content {writers, VAs, ad specialists, and AI like ChatGPT etc.} will have a common resource to help them replicate your voice and personality, from emails to sales pages and everything in between.
  • Step out of content creation. You’re hiring writers to take work off your plate. There’s no need to trade writing time for revision time. Give your team everything they need to get it right, the first time.
  • Expand your visibility. When your team can replicate your voice + personality with ease, you can get back to what you do best without worrying about content. Meanwhile, your writers are hard at work, extending your reach far beyond what you could do on your own!

The solution you’re looking for is a Brand Voice Intensive, where we create a custom Brand Voice Guide for your business.

Two testimonials, side by side. The first reads:

Capture your voice. Outsource with confidence.

As your business shifts and evolves, you’ll need help. Whether you have an existing team, or are planning for future growth, you want to make sure they have what they need to create powerful, compelling content.

Here’s how the creation of your Brand Voice Guide works:


Our Brand Voice experts will use a combination of questionnaires, interviews, and research to uncover your unique voice.

We’ll ask questions designed to get to the heart of your brand’s voice, vision, and values. All you have to do is show up and speak from your heart.

Have a team? They're invited, too! We want to get a full picture of your communication style. This allows us to pinpoint the words, stories, and values that are foundational to your brand.


Our team will take what they’ve learned from you and use it to document their findings and develop your personalized Brand Voice Guide. Your Guide will include an in-depth summary of all three foundational areas of your brand's communication: Core Message, Core Stories, and Core Voice.

You’ll receive your Guide in a Google Doc, so it can continue to evolve with your brand. You also receive two rounds of revision, so we can work together to create a finished product you can make the most of. 


Once your Brand Voice Guide is finalized, it’s time to put it to work! We want to make sure you feel confident in using your Guide across your business. That's why we provide you with a video walk-through and offer a 30-minute implementation call.


Your Brand Voice should grow with you. We’re on hand for Q&A support for 30 days after your Guide is complete, plus we'll provide you with writer tools to implement and keep the Guide updated as your brand continues to evolve.


A testimonial that reads:

Meet the Brand Voice Experts

Marie, a white woman with long red hair, and Jessi, a white woman with long blonde hair, stand shoulder to shoulder with their arms crossed, smiling at the camera.

Here at North Star, we believe in personality-driven content. Your voice is unique. It draws people in. It leads to connection and, ultimately, conversion.

And we believe every content creator, copywriter, and freelancer you hire {or even AI like ChatGPT} should have the tools to represent your unique voice.

We're Marie and Jessi, and we developed the Brand Voice Process to help you refine your voice and create compelling content {that doesn’t sacrifice personality}.

We have created more than 150 Brand Voice Guides since we began our business in 2010, and our goal is to make sure every business owner can step away from content creation without sacrificing their authentic voice.


Two testimonials, side by side, which read: “I’m awed. The Brand Voice Guide reflects your attention to subtlety and ability to integrate little details into a cohesive whole that shows someone thoughtful, professional, and overwhelmingly competent. And then I had to remind myself that someone was me!”  Michelle Weiss Kagel Therapist & Wedding Officiant, The Well-Tied Knot, and “I couldn’t be happier.  The Brand Voice Guide I received after my intensive put together my brand and made me proud of the company I’ve built and created and continue to grow.”  Heather Gaida Founder, Trusty Tails

Ready for consistent, personality-driven content?

It all starts with capturing your voice. Our Intensives are perfect for teams of 1-10, or brand strategists who serve small business owners.

During our time together, you’ll get:

  • Introductory questionnaire, so we can get to know you, your brand, and your goals.
  • 90-minute interview with key stakeholders of your business, conducted by two expert North Star team members and.
  • Personalized Brand Voice Guide, designed to capture the voice of your business, delivered in an editable Google Doc.
  • Implementation Guide, showing you how to hand content off to your team.
  • Writer’s Checklist, showing anyone responsible for content how to use the Brand Voice Guide to connect with your target audience.
  • 30 Days of Q&A Support, where we’ll answer questions from you or your team about how to make the most of your Guide… including in the context of specific pieces of content.

As your business shifts and evolves, you’ll need help. Whether you have an existing team, or are planning for future growth, you want to make sure they have what they need to create powerful, compelling content.

Your Brand Voice Intensive will give them the tools to hand off your voice the same way you hand off your logos.


A testimonial that reads, “Holy shit, you guys nailed it. I got goosebumps reading this. I feel… gotten. And grateful.”  Ken Blackman Relationship Coach at Powerful Woman, Confident Man

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