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Content Strategy Intensive

Get your customized content plan.


Stuck on content?

Running a successful business requires a lot of content. But content for content’s sake doesn’t do you {or your business} any good. Unfortunately, we see business owners fall into the same old traps far too often.

Which content trap are you falling into?


You know content creation is important, but your muse keeps taking a vacation. Instead of putting out consistent, strategic content, you bounce between showing up randomly and avoiding your audience.

You hate to admit it, but sometimes you go weeks or months without emailing your list. Your social media profiles turn into ghost towns, only to pop back into existence when you suddenly realize how quiet it’s gotten.


You have SO MANY ideas and there’s so much you want to talk about. You relish creating content, and have more to say than you could ever reasonably create.

Unfortunately, the constant stream of content creation isn’t turning into paying clients. You’re throwing spaghetti at the wall, hoping something sticks. There’s no foundational strategy behind the content, and as a result people love you, but aren’t really sure what to do.

Sound familiar? You’re not alone.

Content creation is one of the most time consuming tasks when running a business. It becomes overwhelming fast, and you’re left spinning your wheels, wondering why nothing seems to work. These content traps spring up at the worst possible time, keeping you away from the million and one other items on your to-do list.

Regardless of which trap you’re trying to avoid, content creation takes valuable energy.
So you want to make sure the time you put into it works.

It’s not just about having amazing content. It’s about creating content with a clear goal, keeping your audience members engaged, and making sure they know exactly how to become paying clients or customers. It’s about having a long-term strategy you can measure and tweak, while also leaving space for inspiration to strike.

What if you could side-step these traps altogether?

Instead of banging your head against the wall, waiting for your muse to return from sabbatical, or wondering why nothing seems to work, what if you could have the help of an expert content strategist? Someone who will sit down with you and help make sure your plan will work.

You could finally…

  • Turn your existing ideas into an actionable plan. Are you the sort of business owner who has a million content ideas? How would it feel if you could sit down and prioritize those ideas in a way that allows you the freedom of creation while also making sure your content sees results?
  • Generate new content ideas that align with your goals. What if you could tell writer's block to take a hike? Instead of creating content in fits and starts, you'll know exactly which content to create and when to create it.
  • Say goodbye to content fatigue. Have an upcoming launch? A new product announcement? If you want to hit it out of the park, you need to make sure you know your content plan. How nice would it be to have your upcoming plans mapped out in advance, so you aren’t frantically writing another email or social post at the last minute?

A Content Strategy Intensive gives you a personalized roadmap to success.

No business owner should be an island, but often when it comes to content creation it feels like we’re left to our own devices.

Sure, there are a million “How to” guides, workshops, and trainings designed to help you create a content plan. But sometimes it’s nice to sit down, one-on-one, with an expert and talk through your plan.

A Content Strategy Intensive gives you a chance to sit down with an experienced content strategist to dig into your ideas, evaluate your goals, and develop a solid plan. You’ll walk away knowing your content focus for the next 90 days.

At the end of your Intensive, you'll have said goodbye to those tricky content traps once and for all.

Testimonial from Jackson Kingsley of Five Day Film which reads,

You deserve a content plan that doesn’t leave you feeling frustrated, burnt out, and like you live inside an echo chamber. During your Intensive, you’ll have the chance to talk through your long-term vision, immediate goals, and content conundrums. From there, you can rest easy, knowing you have the support of expert content strategists in creating an easy-to-follow plan for the next 90 days.

Here's what you can look forward to:

  • A clear idea of how content will support your revenue goals for the next 90 days, so you know your content serves your immediate goals and builds towards your longer-term plans.


  • Curated topic ideas for large and small pieces of contentso there’s no guesswork, only creation. If you don’t know what to say, we’ll help you figure out what to focus on. And if you have more ideas than you can handle, we’ll help you streamline and focus.


  • Plans for repurposing old content vs. creating new content, so you can maximize the impact of your work. Content creation takes energy, and odds are you already have some gems collecting dust. We’ll help you figure out when you can stop churning out fresh topics and instead turn the content spotlight on past content that could use a little more love.


  • A flexible, custom posting plan, so you can stay visible and present without burning yourself out. Instead of showing up only when you’re inspired {or frantic}, we’ll help create a consistent pace that works with you.


Testimonial from Tanya Gagnon of Miss Details which reads,

Ready for the nitty gritty details?

Our goal is to make sure you walk away from your Content Strategy Intensive with everything you need to have a successful, stress-free quarter.

With that in mind, here’s exactly what you can expect from your Intensive:

During our time together, you’ll get:

  • A detailed pre-session questionnaire to clarify your vision and articulate your goals.
  • A 60-minute call with a North Star content strategist to dig into your upcoming business goalsgenerate supportive content ideas with you, and strategically triage your content creation needs.
  • A customized content map for the next 3 months OR your next big initiative (like a launch), based on your specific goals, so you and your team have strategic direction on what to create.
  • Up to 2 rounds of edits on your content map, to make sure it’s spot on.
  • Additional resources and tools we think might support you, as they come up during your session. We’ll make sure you have the resources you need to be successful.
  • 2 weeks of additional  Q&A support for questions as you dig into your content creation.

Your Investment: $997


Testimonial from Deb Blakley of Kids Dig Food, which reads,

Meet the Content Experts

Marie, a white woman with long red hair, and Jessi, a white woman with long blonde hair, stand shoulder to shoulder with their arms crossed, smiling at the camera.

Here at North Star, we believe content needs purpose. Churning out endless content for its own sake won’t help you; in fact, it’s a recipe for burnout. Instead, your content plans need to consider your energy levels, connect with your audience, and support your goals.

We’ve been supporting business owners with content creators since 2010. Whether it’s generating new ideas from scratch or triaging existing plans, our job is to make sure your content succeeds. 

From creating detailed launch plans to developing evergreen funnels and ongoing blog plans, we’ve been in the thick of content creation for years. And we’ve helped hundreds of business owners take control of their content, allowing them to spend more time being CEOs instead of content churners.


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