Do you know your Copywriting Character? Take the quiz.

North Star Freebie Hub

North Star Freebie Hub

Amplify your message with persuasive, personality-driven content that converts. Our free resources will help you:

  • Identify your brand voice, so you can create copy that sounds like you
  • Write compelling sales emails that convert
  • Nurture new subscribers to your email list, so they're ready to buy
  • Create fresh content without ever running out of ideas
  • Much more!

New resources are added to the Freebie Hub on the regular, so check back frequently!

6 Modules

Copywriting Character Quiz

Create Personality-Driven Copy

The first step towards outsourcing your content is knowing how you communicate. Take the proven Copywriting Character Quiz to help you determine your content identity. Each identity (Rebel, Artist, Nurturer, Scholar, and Architect) has its own strengths. Take the quiz and find out which Copywriting Character is yours!


Messaging Strategy for Sales Emails

Compelling Emails for Launches

Here's your guide to making sure the messaging of your emails is on point. This resource will walk you through your email strategy, persuasion methods, and subject lines.

Content Strategy Masterclass

Create Better Content

These days, we are inundated with content. Overwhelmed. Buried. So why is it that we, as entrepreneurs, spend so much time creating MORE? MORE blog posts. MORE social media posts. MORE marketing materials.

More. More. More. 

What if we told you it isn't about MORE? It's about BETTER.

This free video series will show you how to:

  • Create a custom, simplified content strategy that works for you and your biz
  • Identify when to create new content {and when your old content is just fine}
  • Set measurable goals around your quarterly content
  • Figure out which metrics to track, so you know when your content works and when it needs to be pulled

Testimonials That Sell

Collect Killer Testimonials

Harness your best customer and client experiences into powerful testimonials and case studies -- so your offer can gain even more notoriety. The best programs are backed up by great results. When you have a system in place for collecting quality testimonials, you'll make it easier for future leads to hit the buy button.

Automated Lead Nurturing Emails

Build an Engaged List

Make sure each and every new subscriber to your list feels loved, welcomed, and heard. This guide will show you how to create a top-notch lead nurturing sequence.



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